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Disebalik kesedapan KFC!

By: Fazrol Amer On: 1:41 AM
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  • Three KFC girls took a bath in the kitchen sink and posted the photos on MySpace. Working at a KFC in Anderson, California, the high school girls bathed in the deep commercial sink used to clean dishes in their underwear and swimsuits. One of girls, a 17-year-old employee, uploaded the photos to a gallery called "KFC moments", which featured captions like "haha we turned on the jets" and "haha KFC showers!"

    The trio weren't discovered because they were closing the restaurant without any managers present. They were promptly suspended by KFC management after the pictures were discovered. One has now quit, and the other two have been fired.

    Bathing in fast food restaurants isn't uncommon. A Burger King employee in Ohio took a bath naked in the sink on his 25th birthday and posted the four-minute video afterward.

    p/s - Nasib baik luar negara. Kalau kat Malaysia camna?


    1. lOL
      bijak sangt kot
      xpon buhsan keje

    2. fuyoo...depa bg inspirasi untu mereka2 yg bosan ditempat keja...buat xtvt bodo mcm nie

    3. bra hijau tu comel..tapi otak takde..dem!

    4. waaa !diorang mandi kt situ ?gile .